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Customize Water Bottle with Temperature Display | Name Printed


• Premium Matte Finish Stainless Steel Water Bottle
• 500ml quantity insulated flask
• LED display of Temperature
• Can keep Hot/Cold up to 6-8 hours



Customize Water Bottle with Temperature Display

Looking for Customize Water Bottle?

This Smart Customize Water Bottle (digital thermometer flask) is perfect for measuring the temperature of hot or cold drinks. The ergonomic design makes it easy to carry and hold, while the LCD screen display makes it easy to read the temperature. Place the probe directly into your beverage of choice and see the changes in temperature on the screen.
The digital thermos is a must-have for your next outdoor trip. Whether you are hiking, fishing, hunting or attending any outdoor activities, this smart water bottle will provide an accurate and fast reading on the temperature of your drink by just pressing the button.
This water bottle is a product of the highest quality, made of stainless steel and covered with an attractive, durable rubber coating. If you’re looking for something unique this big day – look no further!

Features of the Customize Water Bottle

The smart water bottle is a game-changer. A digital thermos with an integrated 17oz water bottle that can keep your drink hot or cold for up to 12 hours. The LED smart water bottle has a temperature display, so you know what it’s at all times.

1. Thermoses are always needed
2. Keeps liquids cold and hot
3. Digital thermos never goes out of style
4. Stay hydrated at the right temperature
5. Drink more water and stay healthy
6. No need to guess if it’s cold or hot – know instantly
7. Includes LED lights
8. Monitors temperature from -50°C to 100°C
9. Tells you when it’s time to drink more water

This digital thermos bottle is perfect for measuring the temperature of hot or cold drinks. It has an ergonomic design that’s easy to carry and hold, with an LCD screen that shows you what the temperature is. You can put the probe right inside your drink and watch as it shows you how much hotter or colder it gets!

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